About Us



  • Youth’s under-performance often is more about psycho-social challenges than a lack of academic or technical ability or natural talent.
  • Confident, assertive, organized and purposeful youth perform academically and become leaders in their communities and at work.
  • Youth need to develop more disciplined behaviour and self-affirming thinking to overcome dysfunctional habits and perform to their true potential.


  • Youth Experience: Over the past 5 years through its NALEDI programme Deliver has developed an in-depth understanding of the attitudes, needs, challenges and aspirations of South African black youth, and of how best to help them break out of their bad habits and into a sustainably more productive future.


  • VISION Emotionally mature South Africans that are goal-directed and deliver economic and social growth, for themselves and others.
  • MISSION Developing people’s ability to own their values, by demonstrating new, constructive behaviours and integrating that behaviour into their lives.
  • VALUES: Commitment, Integrity, Trust, Empowerment, Creativity. These values can only be achieved if we do what we say, if we live our message.
  • BELIEF: Everyone is resourceful and has the natural ability to find solutions to all their challenges.
  • EMPOWERMENT = personal mastery followed by economic development


  • Deliver registered as an NPO in May 2010. It has Public benefit and Tax Exemption status, as well as a Section 18A certificate that enables donations to be tax deductible at 28%.
  • Since January 2016 Deliver has had BEE SED
  • 17 facilitators and coaches, ranging in age from 60 to 20 years old.
  • To date, all of the beneficiaries of its programmes, Naledi@School, Naledi@Work & Essentials Coaching Training are African