Naledi @School


  • Origins: The original question was: how could we enable their star quality to shine?
  • Purpose: To address the emotional intelligence and self-management gap that contributes to youth under-performance, academically and socially; to instil a leadership mindset and essential leadership skills.
  • Target: Grades 10-11
  • Timeline: Takes approximately 4 months.
  • Skills developed: responsibility, reflection, reasoning, resourcefulness, resilience, relationship.
  • 6 x 1 day workshops on: Courage, Identity, Leadership, Resilience, Conflict, Diversity.
  • 8 x 1.5 hr group-coaching sessions – max of 6 per group – to embed and personalize workshop ideas into action.
  • R50 Challenge – entrepreneurial group task – to build financial savvy and apply leadership and teamwork skills
  • M&E: A report is written for each workshop and each coaching session.

Participants are helped to develop their R50 Challenge project as part of the

Coaching. The Challenge is debriefed at the end.

Coaches write a progress report on their coachees after the 8 coaching


Participants complete a self evaluation and evaluation of the programme when

the programme has been completed.