Wellness and the runaway life

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Wellness and the runaway life

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Eish, this term wellness gets thrown around a lot. What really is it saying? Bottom line: it’s a lot more than cutting out the chips and buying a pilates ball.

Modern life threatens to take away all that is well with us and our world. It is so fast, so techno-driven, so schedule driven, so convenience driven, so image driven. So how do we get off this merry-go-round of madness, where we want more and more of whatever’s new and cool and quick? This insatiable appetite, this headlong impulsive rush, this lazy and fearful tendency to be taken along by the crowd, is killing us. We don’t know what we really want, who we really are, where we are really going…but we do know where pokemon is going, we all have an opinion on who Kim K is, and the latest fad, and tomorrow always feels like a better day to do, eat , love or  be what or who is good for us – than today. Rushing around, wasting today, over and over, hoping somehow wellness will find us without us having to lift a finger.

So the first step in wellness is to stop: get off the runaway train of superficial needs, switch off the phone and TV, hide the car key, cancel some appointments and just breathe. And on the back of that deep breathing will surface a deeper set of instincts – the desire for happiness, wholeness, a real connection to a true self that so much of the excess, the accessories of life, block.

If we can fill up the well of our spirit, if we can introspect and build a strong inner core, a set of values that money can’t buy, nothing about modern life will pose a threat. Because we will be in charge, the driver instead of being driven, making choices about when to drive and when just to sit still and connect with all that is well within. If the gym is what contributes to that sense of stillness, then lycra and weights and trainers is the way to go. If this or that diet or this or that shape or spa contributes to filling up the well of self, then go for it. The strategy isn’t the main thing. The main thing is to get clear on: who am I, who do I want to be, what matters to me, what’s the goal? Once you have some good answers to these and you are committed to those answers, whether you go fung shwei, or chips, less sushi or more tantric sex, meditation or another episode of Modern Family, it doesn’t really matter, you can handle it, coz you’ve taken back the power.

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