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Naledi @School

an emotional intelligence programme for high school students to build a solid self management platform for future success.

Naledi @Work

a work readiness/personal mastery programme for those on Learnerships/Internships

Essentials Coaching

training educators/managers/team leaders on the core coaching skills to help them better to develop people’s potential.

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As if you have a choice,                                                                                                  

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Poem by Phumzile Sibeko, Grade 11, Daliwonga Secondary, Dube, Soweto. Teenagers are amazing                                                                                    

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Cape Town

High up on Ou Kaapse Weg                                                                                                  

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Wellness and the runaway life

Eish, this term wellness gets thrown around a lot. What really is it saying? Bottom line: it’s a lot more than cutting out the chips and buying a pilates ball. Modern life threatens to take away all that is well with us and our world. It is so fast, so techno-driven, so schedule driven, so convenience driven,

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A Diet of Questions

Nancy Kline: Questions help people to think while statements encourage obedience. One perspective is that life without questions is a lot smoother and easier. Questions challenge, disrupt, disturb and unearth. Why would we want to invite all that nonsense into our lives? That’s hard. That’s hectic. But boredom and a minimal thinking existence is even more

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Youth aren’t stupid

   When a Grade 10 or 11 student does badly in any of numerous high school subjects, a whole bunch of conclusions are possible, mostly of the unflattering kind: ‘he doesn’t care’, ‘he’s not suited to Science’, ‘he’s sloppy’, ‘he isn’t focused’, ‘he’ll never make it’ and so on. And many may be not far wrong. But

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Are you listening?

Amongst all the things that teens need or want, being listened to and listened to well, being given positive, focused attention, is right up there, with love, unconditional happiness and Instagram. Might seem like a no-brainer, but if this was the case, then it wouldn’t be an issue, and I wouldn’t be writing this. Being

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